“Trump Space Force”?!: Secret Super Technology In Use By US Program for Decades

Evidence and Eye-witness Testimony Reveals Secret Advanced US Programs into Space Exploration and More...

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Is the "Trump Space Force" a real thing? 

People who follow "alternative history" or "conspiracy documentation" believe the USA and some other countries have had super-advanced space and other technologies WAY beyond what the general public considers possible.

We believe, the "Trump Space Force" is likely a way for the Government to "make official" a program (or programs) the public have not been told about but that have existed for decades.

Jordan Sather presents this first video, which is a detailed overview of the history behind the probably already existing "Space Force" or "Secret Space Program". 

Links to Jordan's valuable sites: https://destroyingtheillusion.com

"Trump Space Force" History

Detailed Presentation of Secret Space Program

Another Longtime Researcher Speaks Out On "Space Force"

David Wilcock has been interviewing supposed particapants in the "Secret Space Program" or "Space Force" for many years.

Wilcock has some of the deepest insight into this program due to his intense research into it and the contacts he has made. He has an interesting history himself, some believing that Wilcock may be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.

The next two videos give David's take on Trump's "Space Force" and how it relates to his extensive research into existing and separate Air Force and Navy Secret Space Programs. 

Wilcock's research indicates that the USA and other some other countries have been in contact with extra-terrestrials for decades, that Air Force has technology capable of easy travel through our Solar System, the Navy has technology capable of Intergalactic Travel(!), there are literally hundreds of alien races visiting Earth / our Solar System, the USA has bases all over our Solar System and in other solar systems, and much more. 

David Wilcock also speaks about "The Cabal" or the loose organization behind the scenes plotting doom for Humanity and how "The Cabal" is being systematically dismantled through current events. Good News!

I have been following David's work for many years and find it to be some of the most interesting and credible out there. Check out his website: www.DivineCosmos.com.