“The Gold Magnet” by Jeff Moe

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“The Definitive Explanation Of The Electromagnet That Picks Up Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Copper And Other Non-Ferrous Metals Is Available Along With The How-To So You Can’t Get It Wrong!”

REVEALED: The Simple Method to Pick Up Non-Ferrous Metals with an Electromagnet.

The Gold Magnet – Attracting Non-Ferrous Metals by Jeff Moe is a simple presentation that shows you how to pick up metals without iron with an easily built electromagnet.

This is not a new concept, but goes back to the early 1900’s and apparently Jeff’s uncle is the originator of the concept. Although others have replicated it and even written about it, there are very few replications!

You will see the history of its invention, theory of its operation and the know-how so that you can replicate your own magnet that picks up gold, silver, aluminum or other non-ferrous metals!


The Gold Magnet by Jeff Moe

“The Definitive Explanation Of The Electromagnet That Picks Up Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Copper And Other Non-Ferrous Metals Is Available Along With The How-To So You Can’t Get It Wrong!”

REVEALEDThe Simple Method to Pick Up Non-Ferrous Metals with an Electromagnet.

Jeff Moe

Jeff Moe

The Gold Magnet™

Attracting Non-Ferrous Metals


Jeff Moe

Jeff Moe is the president of Plenum, Inc., which is a merchant services provider but his company also outsources online web services from product fulfillment to customer service. Plenum, Inc is the exclusive provider of these services for A & P Electronic Media. But Jeff’s real passion is the energy sciences as he holds a degree in physics from Eastern Washington University and has been involved with many project with Aaron Murakami, Peter Lindemann and John Bedini.

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2017 Energy Science &
Technology Conference


The Gold Magnet by Jeff MoeFrom: Jeff Moe
Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2017
RE: Attracting Non-Ferrous Metals with the Gold Magnet

Dear Friend,

Have you ever heard of an electromagnet that picks up Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum, or any other non-ferrous metal? Even if you heard of it you probably have never seen one in action.

At the 2017 Energy Science and Technology Conference Jeff Moe presented showing exactly how to make one of these amazing magnets and explained the operating principles behind the device. He even did a live demonstration for the audience!

Learn how you can take some old scraps of metal, magnet wire, and some old welding rod and make one of these conversation starters to amaze your friends and family!

History shows that Jeff’s uncle Carl Westfall was likely the first person to develop this magnet back in the 1930s in St. Regis, Montana. Jeff’s uncle would often amaze newcomers to the area by picking up a stack of Silver Dollars and dropping them into his shirt pocket for safe keeping.

Get this 32 minute presentation where the theory of operation is developed, as well as a step-by-step explanation on how to make the parts to assemble your very own Gold Magnet.

The presentation even includes a demonstration showing the magnet pick up a 3 oz. Copper piece, a 1 oz. Silver round, a 2 in. Aluminum round, and a stack of 5 copper plates.

As a bonus, Jeff is in the process of creating a video showing step-by-step how to build the magnet with every detail documented. This video will be available to everyone who has this presentation as soon as it is released, within the next few weeks.

Only your imagination is the limit as to the potential uses of this magnet. Build your very own working magnet and then do your own research and development. Share your results in the forum with other inventors and developers to collaborate on the creation of a tool could change many industries!



32 Minute Presentation by Jeff Moe on The Gold Magnet
27 Page PDF of the PowerPoint presentation from the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference
History of the origin of the Gold Magnet and where it came from.
Operating method and theory.
Recorded and live demonstration are in the presentation.
Coming soon… a full tutorial video walking you through a build step by step will be added to the download package. *** When we announce it is available, simply login with your same username and password for your download and download the updated package to get the new video at no extra cost ***

This is the simplest presentation and how-to on The Gold Magnet ever produced by the Nephew of the Inventor.

The Gold Magnet


32 minutes video presentation by Jeff Moe

27 page PDF of the PowerPoint used for the presentation

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The Gold Magnet

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