[VIDEO REVIEW] “Hacking The Aether”

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“Hacking The Aether” by Aaron Murakami

“Hacking the Aether” presents quite possibly the simplest unified field model that has ever been proposed that even those with non-technical backgrounds can understand.

A unified field model ties together gravity, inertia, time, electricity and many other natural principles in a seamless way that they all collectively form one cohesive picture of how the Universe is put together.

Beyond this, Hacking the Aether essentially debunks all the basic and fundamental laws of physics – one of the most outrageous claims anyone could make, but it is done in a simple and eloquent way that is nearly impossible to argue with because it uses conventional claims themselves to point out the inadequacies.

Conservation of Energy, Conservation of Momentum, and other principles are debunked using elementary logic. The first and third Laws of Motion are rewritten so that they reflect reality and a simple formula to show that inertia is actually a form of dielectric induction of space into mass is presented. Again, this is all done so simply that the layman can understand the concepts.

Einstein’s biggest blunder is that space can be curved – this is one of the most ludicrous ideas ever put forth in science and is easily debunked based on the simple facts that a mass cannot curve space if space is supposedly made of nothing and the curvature of space violate the necessity for an equal and opposite reaction, which does not happen! You will see how gravity operates in a manner so simple that even a child can understand the natural laws.

This presentation should be at the very foundation of anyone study into the energy sciences because it lays the groundwork based on common sense, historical facts, and basic logic. It is the birthright of every human being to understand their relationship with the natural universe and Hacking the Aether fulfills that role.

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Hacking the Aether

“Hacking the Aether” by Aaron Murakami