Self-Powered Bedini SG Battery Swapper Charging System

The Battery Charging System that Keeps It's Own Batteries Charged Forever, While Charging Other Batteries Too!

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John Bedini's Legendary "Battery Swapper" Self-Charging System Has Been Replicated By RS Stafford...

RS Stafford has been performing research into "free energy generation" for decades. He is well known for sharing results of his discoveries and replications of other researcher's work as well as sharing his own insights into free energy generator technology... sharing on popular free energy forums such as the Energetic Forum & John Bedini's own Energy Science Forum.

John Bedini shared research with RS Stafford, giving Stafford access to material Bedini had not yet released to the public.

Stafford is also considered one of the greatest replicators of John Bedini's work. 

RS Stafford

RS Stafford - Free Energy Researcher

What is the "Bedini SG Battery Swapper"?

Bedini SG "3 Battery Swapper" System

The Bedini SG 3 Battery Swapper System rotates 3 banks of batteries for simultaneous: providing power to the Bedini SG Energizer, charging a battery from output of the Bedini SG, powering outside loads.

Infinite Free Energy Generation

Free Energy Generation IS POSSIBLE when you have an OPEN SYSTEM.

The Bedini SG Battery Swapper is a system devised by John Bedini to utilize the excess overunity power generated by a Bedini SG

The Battery Swapper setup utilizes 3 or more sets of batteries that rotate function within the system:

  1. Battery Set 1 provides power to run the Bedini SG Energizer.
  2. Battery Set 2 is charged by excess power generated by Bedini SG Energizer.
  3. Battery Set 3 is at rest OR used to power outside loads.

How the Bedini Battery Swapper works:

Battery Set 1 powers the Bedini SG Energizer. The Bedini SG Energizer has been well documented to produce more power than it consumes. It is believed that the electrical pulses this system creates "taps the Aether" in such a way that additional energy is added to the system.

The excess energy added to the system from the Aether allows the "charge battery" in Battery Set 2 to charge more rapidly than power is being consumed by Battery Set 1.

Battery Set 3 is either at rest, or used to power outside loads.

Cycle the Swapper!

Once Battery Set 2 is maximally charged, the system rotates. Battery Set 1 becomes the "charge battery". Battery Set 2 becomes the "rest/outside power battery". Battery Set 3 becomes the "power supply" for the Bedini SG Energizer.

The system continues to cycle in this fashion indefinitely! As long as the system doesn't have more power removed than is being added, this system will provide continuous power AND keep it's own batteries charged!

Real PROOF of "Free Energy Science"?!

RS Stafford's Replication is "Proof Positive" That Overunity / Free Energy Generators are Possible NOW!

In his 2017 Energy Science Conference presentation, available here, RS Stafford demos his "Battery Swapper" system.

RS Stafford's design for the battery swapper is relatively easy and cheap to build, using parts available at Home Depot or Lowes.

In his presentation, Stafford provides detailed schematics and explanation allowing anyone interested the ability of run their own "exotic free energy device" in their home!

This system utilizes a Bedini SG Energizer, 4 battery banks, and some simple switching circuits to create a machine that can potentially run under it's own power for many years.

RS Stafford Replicates Bedini SG Battery Swapper

The John Bedini Battery Swapper is designed to run continuously FOREVER while providing excess power that is usable for any purpose, while simaltaneously charging it's own battery bank... Perpetual Motion, Overunity, and Free Energy Combined!

"The Houston Museum of Natural Science" has THIS RS Stafford Design on display!

RS Stafford has been asked to place a working model of THIS design to be placed on permanent display at the "Houston Museum of Natural Science" in the Wiess Energy Hall.

Wiess Energy Hall in the Houston Museum of Natural Science receives an estimated 1 Million visitors a year. 500,000 of these visitors are students. 

Stafford hopes to inspire a new generation of "free energy enthusiasts" with his WORKING MODEL on display at the Museum!

Wiess Energy Hall - Houston Museum of Natural Science
"Poor Man's Split The Positive Battery Swapper System" by RS Stafford

This is a "Must See" presentation if you:

  • Want the diagrams & schematics to BUILD YOUR OWN EXPERIMENTAL FREE ENERGY GENERATOR 

Prove "Free Energy Science" to Yourself
and Others!

If you are looking for real proof that a system can generate "excess energy" you MUST watch RS Stafford's 2017 Energy Science Conference presentation.

You will see for you own eyes that this system produces more energy than it consumes.

Here is a PREVIEW!​​​​​

What You Need To Build Your Own "Bedini SG Battery Swapper"...

Required Learning:

"Bedini SG Handbooks" - by Peter Lindemann & Aaron Murakami

You will want to get the COMPLETE Bedini SG Training, available here.

The "Beginner" through "Beyond Advanced" training is recommended to achieve overunity / free energy results with your Bedini SG Battery Swapper.

You will achieve "free energy generation" with the most basic "beginners" material, but to really get phenomenal results & have the understanding to build a full "Bedini Battery Swapper", the advanced material is essential. 

Bedini SG Beginners Handbook
Bedini SG Intermediate Handbook
Bedini SG Advanced Handbook
Bedini SG Beyond the Advanced Handbook

"Poor Man's Battery Swapper System" - by RS Stafford

This is where "The Magic" happens!

Learn to connect your Bedini SG to multiple battery banks to create a true "perpetual motion, free energy generating device!"

Easy to understand schematics and diagrams provide the path to your own "free enegy device."

Get "Poor Man's Battery Swapper System" here.


"Poor Man's Split The Positive Battery Swapper System" by RS Stafford