3 “Alternative Energy Sources” To Generate FREE ELECTRICITY You Have Never Heard Of!

Generate FREE ELECTRICITY To Power Your Home MORE CHEAPLY & EFFICIENTLY Using These Little Known Alternative Energy Sources.

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Have You Heard Of These 3 Alternative Energy Sources?

Stirling Engine Solar Energy Plant
Biogas Generator
Gasification Generator

Alternative "Green Energy" Solutions to Power Your Home

Why would you want to generate your own "free electricity" using alternative energy sources?

  • Emergencies / Natural & Man-made Disasters
  • Save Money on Energy Costs
  • Homesteading / Off-Grid Living

There Are Solutions More Powerful Than Typical The Solar & Wind...

Not all conventional "green energy" solutions that generate electricity for your home are well known... But, depending on your circumstances, solutions other than the norm might make more sense for you!

Greater Efficiency & Cheaper Setup

Conventional "alternative energy" solutions for your home can be COSTLY!

  • Cost of standard Solar Home System: approx. $22,000++
  • Cost of standard Wind Turbine System: approx. $35,000+++

Non-conventional "alternative energy" solutions are usually MUCH MORE COST EFFECTIVE!

  • Cost of standard home Stirling Solar Plant: approx. $8,000 
  • Cost of standard home Biogas Generator: approx. $5,500
  • Cost of standard home Gasification Generator: approx. $7,500

These TRUE ALTERNATIVE solutions can cost much less than the estimates above if you are don't need to power your whole home.

These Alternative Energy Generators May or May Not Be Appropriate for You... It all depends on the natural resources you have freely and readily available.

Recycle Energy

Simple Home-made Biogas Generator

Stirling Generator

Stirling Engine Generator

Stirling Engine Generator

Stirling Engine Generator's need HEAT to generate free electricity. Depending on your situation, this heat can come from:

  • Sun / Solar Heat
  • Burning Wood or Other Material
  • Burning Biogas / Gasification Gas

If you have any of these available, a Stirling Generator could be an excellent component of your home energy system as Stirling Generators are HIGHLY EFFICIENT and QUIET compared to stardard gas generators.

Biogas Generator

Biogas Digester / Generator systems require ORGANIC MATTER to create the combustible gas these systems generate.

  • Waste Household Plant Material
  • Animal Manure
  • Grass Clippings, Weeds, Leaves, Etc.

Biogas is CHEAP and EASY to create and is used to power standard gas / propane generators... or for higher efficiency use a Stirling Generator!

Biogas Generator / Biogas Digester

Commercial Biogas Generator for Home Use

Gasification Generator, Gasifier

Commercial Gasifier / Gasification Generator for Home Use

Gasification Generator

Gasification generators turn the exhaust of burning wood or coal into a combustible gas. To run a Gasification Generator will require easy access to one of these:

  • Wood
  • Coal

Gasification generators, also known as Gasifiers, create the gas that is used to power a standard gas / propane generator... or for higher efficiency free electricity generation use a Stirling Generator!

Resources to Learn More & Get You Started: