7 Free Energy Generators For Sale RIGHT NOW! [2018]

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You Can buy a Free Energy Generator for Sale Right Now from at Least 7 Manufacturers.

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Here are some on the market right now...




Several Free Energy Devices & Technologies For Experimental Purposes That Can Also Be Put To Practical Use


FTC Innovations

FTC Innovations

Extremely High-Efficiency Electric Generators That Can Be Driven By High-Efficiency Electric Motors To Generate Excess Free Energy




Free Energy Generator For Your Home or Business


QEG Academy

QEG Academy

DIY Kits and Training For Experimental Free Energy Device




DIY & Pre-Assembled Free Energy Devices for Experimental & Practical Uses




Free Energy Generator For Sale To Power Your Home Or Business




DIY Kits To Build Experimental Free Energy Devices

REVIEW of Free Energy Devices for Sale

1. QuantaMagnetics

QuantaMagnetics offers 5 kits that demonstrate “free energy” characteristics. One of these kits is a fully self-running system, capable of running continuously without any outside input of power (see video below). QuantaMagnetics offers kits to build high-efficiency generators and high-efficiency motors that when properly combined output more power than input.

QuantaMagnetics also offers self-charging energy cells, similar to solar cells in output, but not needing sunlight or any outside source to generate electrical current.

QuantaMagnetics offers our most highly recommended free energy generator for sale / free energy device for sale, either for experimental or practical use.

Visit QuantaMagnetics


2. FTC Innovations

FTC Innovations offers a variety of high-efficiency electric generator products. FTC’s generators are MUCH more efficient than standard generators you can find elsewhere, with efficiencies approaching 100%. They also offer practical systems to power their generators using solar, wind and water current.

You can use FTC Innovations products to easily power your home or business by combining conventional “free energy” sources from the natural environment (solar, wind, water) with their highly efficient generator technology.

FTC’s generators are the perfect match to pair with high-efficiency motors such as those offered by QuantaMagnetics,  John Bedini type motors like John Bedini’s “Zero Force Motor” and Bedini’s “Window Motor”, or other high-efficiency motors available.

FTC Innovations technology has been studied and verified in universities. They get our highest recommendation.

The video below demonstrates one of FTC’s latest generator designs available for purchase now.

To buy free energy device... FTC get's a high recommendation! 

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FTC Innovations

3. InnovaTehno

InnovaTehno claims to have a free energy generator for sale.

Our device the IPP7.4 is an electric generator, that delivers an output of 7350w 220V without using any fuel for its work. Typically it uses its own energy to work by itself.

They are also offering distributorships for sale.

I would be VERY CAREFUL with this company and NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM until more can be learned about them and they demonstrate their technology sufficiently.

Visit InnovaTehno


4. QEG Free Energy Academy

The “QEG Free Energy Academy” has been subject to large-scale “trolling” attacks online which has damaged their reputation, however we believe their technology is sound and they are legitimate.

QEG Academy offers comprehensive training and DIY kits to replicate their free energy device design.

FreeEnergy.tech offers a 2017 Energy Science Conference presentation by QEG Academy founder  James Robitaille called “Multiple Order Harmonics”

“Synchronizing Electrical And Physical Resonances In Generator Coils Predict High Energy Gains!”

REVEALED: Generator coil core resonance can add to electrical resonance to boost total output!

James is a self-taught Electronics Engineer, retired in 2012, who has been designing electronic controls for electric motors for 26+ years.

He holds 17 patents and is knowledgeable in many different types of electric motor designs. James is also a radio enthusiast (since the age of 7), and was employed for a time repairing Amateur and CB radio equipment and antennas. His father was a mechanical engineer, so he has been immersed in the field of electro-mechanical motion from his youth.

A large part of his work has been in designing rugged, efficient and manufacturable motors and electronic controls for consumer and industrial products. You may have seen some news from Honda Motor Company about a new option available starting with the 2014 Odyssey Van – the world’s first built-in cabin vacuum cleaner system! James designed the electronics and motor controls for the switched reluctance motor used in this product.

However, he has always had the eye and the heart of an inventor and has questioned the established conventions in his field of design.

He does not accept the notion that heat and wasted energy has to be a factor in every electrical machine, and so has developed the concept for the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) to disprove this theory.

QEG Free Energy Academy offers kits to help you build an experimental free energy device following their design and claim to have many, many! successfully replications.

Visit QEG Free Energy Academy

Watch James Robitaille’s presentation on “Multiple Order Harmonics’ from the 2017 Energy Science Conference

QEG Academy
Multiple Order Harmonics by James Robitaille

5. R-Charge

R-Charge is run by John Bedini protege Rick Friedrich. Friedrich and Bedini were business partners for several years until a falling out caused them to part ways.

R-Charge offers training and many parts and kits to build experimental free energy machines. Their products appear to be of good quality and they claim replication of results.

R-Charge also offers cutting-edge battery charger/rejuvenation products that were originally designed by John Bedini when Bedini and Friedrich were partners.

These battery chargers utilize a charging technique popularized by John Bedini that is similar to the type of charging that occurs using a “Bedini SG”.  Full details on building a “Bedini SG” or what is also commonly referred to as a “Bedini Motor” can be found in the detailed and comprehensive “Bedini SG Series” of ebooks.

Freidrich’s offerings are deeply based on John Bedini’s work and can be utilized to further your John Bedini technology experiments.

Visit R-Charge


6. Noman Free Energy

Eng Noman Shah Afridi is behind “Noman Free Energy”. Noman demonstrates his free energy generator for sale in the video below.

Several models of the Noman device are available:

Noman Free Energy Prices

We DO NOT KNOW if this product is a scam or not… so be careful… but it might be legitimate.

The Noman device could be utilizing a high-efficiency electrical generator to produce “overunity” output. The demo in Noman’s video shows his device connected through a flywheel to a standard electric motor that once started Noman disconnects from outside power and connects directly to his generator to self-run. Based on what we know of verified devices, this is definitely a possibility. Just be careful because this is an expensive device to potentially get scammed on.

Visit Noman Free Energy


7. Horn

Thomas Autark is the person behind “Horn”. Horn offers multiple John Bedini type experimental kits at very reasonable prices for the beginning researcher.

The Horn offerings ARE NOT designed to John Bedini specs, but should produce interesting results.

If you are interested in building a Bedini device to John Bedini’s specs, I highly recommend purchasing the “Bedini SG Handbook Series” of ebooks.

The best thing about Horn is that the beginning experimenter can get started with minimal investment of time and money.

Visit Horn


Free Energy Generator For Sale / Free Energy Device For Sale: 
Our Recommendations

Free Energy Generator for Sale / Free Energy Device for Sale

After over 150 years of active suppression, FINALLY YOU CAN BUY "Free Energy Devices!"

Is it surprising to find a real free energy generator for sale? Maybe it shouldn’t be.

Free Energy technology has been in development for well over 150 years and a lot of progress has been made… the problem is that over this same period of time special interests in government and industry have actively worked to suppress this technology becoming mainstream.

But we live in a revolutionary time!

More and more brave researchers are defying the “powers-that-be” and releasing their discoveries to the public. We all benefit.

Our Recommendations:

Ready to buy free energy generator / buy free energy device?

Of the free energy generators for sale we have uncovered here, there are a few I highly recommend:

  1. QuantaMagnetics
  2. FTC Innovations
  3. QEG Free Energy Academy
  4. R-Charge
  5. Horn

I feel confident that if you invest in any of these devices you will be more than satisfied.

If you have any experience with these devices or just would like to say something, please comment below.